If you are here, you might have already heard about fleet management system. If not, let’s have a quick look at fleet management and why vehicles-based companies rave about it these days.

In general, Fleet Management helps companies relying on transport for most of their business activities to handle the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation costs, thus providing 100% compliance with government legislation.

In simple words, you can either have an in-built system to manage your fleet of vehicles or with the help of an outsourcing service provider you can manage the fleet with no more worrying about cost and consequences.

Top 5 interesting things about Fleet management & maintenance app.

  1. Save your Money

    Imagine a corporate giant with lakhs of employees working across the nation. The company provides computing services to employees all day and night. The company does require transportation facilities for Clients and shipment of products and much more. We can see how vital a transport facility is for a company.

    Coming to numbers, calculate the cost of the staff required to serve this purpose. Here comes our fleet management software which helps to curb such expenses. The software does it all with more accuracy and yes, diligently.

  2. Warranty Tracking

    Did you know that fleet management software provides an excellent feature that keeps track of the warranty of the fleet’s vehicles and their parts and will display the status of any given vehicle’s warranty ahead of the replacement or maintenance schedule? That saves your time and durability of the fleet.

  3. Scheduling dispatch and deliveries

    Scheduling helps take care of tasks such as receiving orders from the user, assigning the product to dispatch, ensuring on-time delivery of the product and keeping track of the engaged vehicles assigned for dispatch. To cite an example, have you tracked your package online, wherein it shows the details of the transport hub every time it passes a delivery point?

    You can follow it next time, and you will know the itinerary. Fleet management software makes the job easier.

  4. Route navigation

    Can you think of maintaining a fleet of vehicles, checking through its capacity and making sure the vehicle is at its best?

    Safety management is crucial to avoid getting into trouble like accidents and damaging of your assets. Well, the fleet management software can take care of your vehicles without burning your pockets.

    See how your vehicles stay safe?

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