Maintaining a fleet consists of multiple challenges, however it also leads to a smoother running organisation.

Preventive maintenance of a vehicle over the long run increases overall fleet performance, decreases fleet cost and improves fuel economy. Vehicle inspection checks form an integral part of a fleets preventive maintenance. Regular inspection checks will help you spot major repairs a lot earlier and will let you take decisions about repairs before the problem escalates and spirals out of control. This decreases the time the vehicle spends off the road and increases service time of a fleet.

Vehicle inspections need to be performed regularly. The frequency with which you need to perform the inspections depends on your fleet usage and legal compliances. We list the most common type of inspection checklists below:

  1. Daily/Pre-Trip Inspections

    This type of inspection should account for safety and general running of the vehicle like lights, hazard lights, brakes, tyre tread, tyre pressure, engine oil and other fluids

  2. Monthly Inspections

    The driver should do a check for safety and check for any repair requirements. In addition to tasks from Daily/Pre-trip Inspection checklist, there should also be checks for any leaks, wheel alignment, steering and clutch play, etc. If repairs can be performed in-house, then minor repairs should be done.

  3. Half-yearly Inspections

    All checks should be done thoroughly here. Any repairs minor or major should be done here. The vehicle may be in need of replacement of tyres, worn out hoses, brackets, belts or filters. These should be checked for. Wheel balancing, engine tune ups and other efficiency improving actions should be performed on the vehicle.

Being on top of the service and inspection schedule for each machine in the fleet is difficult. With Simply Fleet we’ve streamlined this process. Admins and managers can create custom inspection tasks and add them to custom forms, like Daily Inspection From, Monthly Inspection Form, etc. The operators on their mobile app, need to select the inspection from and carry out the checklist on their mobile app. They can also click pictures of any issues from the mobile app.

The submitted inspections can then be investigated by the admins and managers on the web app. We have also provided a way to generate reports which can be saved or printed.

Regular inspections not only contribute to a longer vehicle life, but are also important for the safety of the vehicle while on the road. Not only this, but inspections will help you comply with the latest legal regulations your service vehicles will have to follow, as is the case with most US states.

Watch the video below on how you can carry out Vehicle Inspections in Simply Fleet.