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Take control of your fuel expense

Gather all your fuel data accurately and quickly in one place. Understand your fuel consumption and reduce operating and ownership costs.

Take a quick look at adding fuel fill-ups in Simply Fleet

Tracking Fuel Consumption

Simply Fleet lets you track the fuel consumption of each vehicle in your choice of unit based on your location. Choose from MPG (US or UK), L/100km, and km/L. Fuel efficiency can also help you appoint the correct vehicles for the assignment.

Any deviation from the regular economy could mean certain issues like driving behavior issues, fuel theft, or the need for maintenance.

Fuel is the most significant expenditure faced by any fleet. With a fuel management system, you can easily monitor your fleet's fuel usage and optimize its efficiency. This means you'll be able to save money on your fuel bills by reducing your fleet's fuel consumption.

With Simply Fleet

Drivers can easily add fuel fill-ups on the go from anywhere on their mobile apps.

With our central cloud repository, this information is relayed immediately to the fleet manager or fleet owner.

Fleet managers can track efficiency and look at the trends on our dashboard.

Statistics like fuel cost/ day, total fuel cost, and fuel cost/km give fleet owners/managers deep insights into their fuel requirements and costs.

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