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Mileage Log

Mileages are important for any business that relies on vehicles for transportation. Tracking them helps you keep track of your expenses and saves you money. You can also use the information to improve operations and increase productivity.

Simply Fleet doesn't need any external hardware to be installed in the vehicle but uses your driver's phone to track all the necessary information.

Daily Mileage

With the Daily Mileage feature, the driver is required to input the starting odometer of the vehicle and ending odometer value in the app in the beginning and end of the day. Using this feature, you can easily monitor how many miles each vehicle drives per day, helping you to better plan out maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, and other important aspects of running a business.

Trip logging

Using trip logging, your driver can log the start and end of a trip. He can additionally add any expenses incurred, fill-ups, income and receipt if any in the trip detail.


Businesses aren't required to track mileage for income tax purposes. However, the IRS allows businesses that do track mileage to claim a mileage deduction, and businesses can also claim actual expenses incurred from the business use of their vehicles, which helps them save money when tax time comes around.

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