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Vehicle & Asset Management

If you own a fleet of vehicles, you need to track how much each one costs, when it was last serviced, and its current condition

See how you can create your vehicles and other assets

Here is what all you can easily manage your fleet with just a few clicks.

Import or export Vehicle information easily.

Store all vehicle-related documents like insurance, registration, warranty information, etc., in one place accessible to everyone.

Assign primary meter and starting odometer value

Add unlimited custom specifications

Manage Vehicle & Asset assignments with operators to enable driver accountability

You can schedule maintenance and repairs and track mileage and fuel usage.

Simply Fleet's Asset Management helps businesses manage their vehicles and small equipment efficiently. It allows users to keep track of all the details related to their fleet, including mileage, maintenance records, insurance information, and much more.

See why over 1000+ companies in over 100+ countries have signed up with Simply Fleet.

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