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Fleet Vehicle Inspection

If you own or manage a fleet of vehicles, you are accountable for ensuring they meet all the safety standards. Depending on your vehicle type, each vehicle will have its performance characteristics and needs preventive maintenance to avert damage and safeguard your company from liability.

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Why perform routine fleet vehicle inspections?

Increase the life of your vehicle

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced unforeseen vehicle downtime

Increased safety for operators, passengers, and shipment

How can Simply Fleet help?

Fleet managers can create and publish custom tasks and forms such as pre trip fleet vehicle inspection form based on your needs.

Drivers must go through each task on pre trip fleet vehicle inspection form and flag if any task fails inspection. They can upload the images for such issues within the app.

Managers can take a printout of the fleet vehicle inspection report if needed and get the issue fixed.

All services done can be logged within the app itself.

The fleet vehicle inspection process ensures that all vehicles on the road meet safety standards. It includes a visual inspection, which checks for defects, and a mechanical test, which checks for problems with brakes, steering, suspension, and other components.

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